6 Clothing Hacks That Can Help You Save Money

Deciding on what to wear daily is not easy, especially if you’re a “fashionista.” But, it becomes more difficult if you’re a “shopaholic” who tries to save money, as the urge to shop for more clothes gets stronger because you can’t find anything to wear.

However, if you want to buy new stuff but need to save money or simply just can’t throw your old stuff out, there are plenty of ways you can reuse your old clothes and transform them into a different item or an upgraded wardrobe.

Here are some of the clothing hacks to save money that you can do to by yourself to upgrade your closet and at the same time, save money.

How to Save Money: Reinventing Old Tees

How to Save Money by Re-Purposing Old T Shirts

If you have old t-shirts at home that you can’t throw out, there are plenty of ways that you can do to make it reusable again.

No Sew Pocket T-shirt

Turn your old tees into a ~new~ one by pairing different tees and pocket designs to add variety. All you have to do is cut the cloth with the traced pattern of the pocket and sew it (or stick it using fabric glue) to the shirt of your choice.

DIY Lace Insert

If you feel like adding a bit of sexiness to your shirt, MrKate.com offers another way to upgrade your old one. Trace the shape of your choice into your shirt and cut it. Afterward, use a fabric glue to stick the lace to the cut area, then voila!

T-shirt to a Tote Bag

Instead of buying a new tote bag, here’s a simple way to create one yourself.

If you get bored with your old tees, just turn them into something that you can use or make it appealing again by customizing them.

How to Save Money: Re-Using Old Jeans

How to Save Money by Re-Purposing Old Jeans

When you have an old pair of jeans, you can upgrade it by doing the following:

Ripped Jeans

Ripping your jeans can be quite tricky, but it will definitely be worth it when you have achieved the perfect ripped jeans. Here’s how you can do it.

Painted Jeans

If you want to spice up your old, plain, and boring jeans, you can try adding some cute details such as cutting a pattern and painting it like the folks at Teen Vogue did below.

You can also splatter some paint on your pants if you like it colorful!

Jeans turned shorts

Just in case you have failed and ruined your ripped jeans, you can just cut the jeans to your preferred length and turn it into shorts. You can also add details like lace and patches to make it more appealing.

Instead of buying a pair of ripped jeans that are too pricey, you can just re-use your old ones to practice on and create your own. Plus, this just means that you’re the only one who has it because it’s done according to your own style and liking!

These are a few of my favorite hacks to save money on clothes which can help you be in style without spending too much. But if you still don’t feel like wearing old clothes, you can try selling your clothing online at a venue like PawnHero Marketplace (where I work)! This way, you get to earn cash from your old clothing (which you can use to buy new items for your wardrobe).

Carol Soriano

Carol Soriano is a consultant for PawnHero.ph, the very first online pawnshop in the Philippines. A writer at heart and a social media enthusiast, she finds personal finance, investment and money matters interesting topics to write about.