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Write For UsAre you a personal finance expert? Do you have interesting tips about getting out of debt or applying for scholarships? Have you successfully obtained government grants, or do you possess unique knowledge of investing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re invited to contribute to this website.

Write a guest post for blog.financialfreedomnow.org and share your personal finance expertise with our readers.

To apply to be a writer and contribute a guest post, simply complete the form at the bottom of the page. Send your name, a short bio, and an email address to use for your account. We’ll set up your profile and send you the login information so you can add your guest post in Wordpress. Make sure you have a Gravatar image set for the email address you plan to use.

You are free to include a link to your Twitter handle or personal website with your bio, so readers can learn more about you.

We’ll reply in a day or two with your log-in credentials at which point you can log in, add a new blog post (Posts > Add New), and submit your article for review. If it’s what we’re looking for we will publish it … if not we’ll decline promptly so you can make changes, or try your luck elsewhere. If your article is accepted, please feel free to write and submit additional articles for review!

What We’re Looking For

We seek original, engaging content, which is 100% unique. This means that it isn’t just recycled content you read somewhere else on the web and re-worded. We want you to share your experience with our readers. We’re looking for advice that can help someone trying to pay down debt or student loans. Have you learned a neat trick which has helped you to stick to your household budget? Share it!

  • Your article should be 600+ words long.
  • We like the content to include sub-headers.
  • Include numbered or bullet-point lists if it makes sense to.
  • We’ll provide appropriate images for your article – please do not add an image.
  • We will add the tags and assign your article to an appropriate category – please do not add categories or tags.
  • Please don’t include external links within the body of your article. If you’re interested in sponsoring a featured post to draw attention to your service or company, email us.

Once we create your user profile, log in via WordPress and build your article, submit it for review, and we’ll publish it as soon as we’ve had the chance to look it over.

We hope that you’ll consider becoming a regular contributor!

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